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Throw ’em a Frickin’ Bone

Yo, hiring managers are people too. They wake up in the morning and they open their laptops and they check their email. They WANT to hear from job candidates who go above and beyond by sending something different than a resume.

But the hiring manager is not going to ask for it directly. That’s like the husband giving his wife flowers, but only after she told him to buy them!

It’s on you to take action, without permission.

You gotta throw the hiring manager a frickin’ bone.

How To Concentrate Better

In the modern world it’s easy to get distracted. But to have a productive job hunt, you want to block off some time and focus.

In this 15 minute article, James Clear (author of Atomic Habits) teaches how to concentrate better.


Do your hardest, most important task first thing in the morning. Don’t multi-task. Leave your phone in another room. And our favorite hack, work in full screen mode to avoid visual distraction:

“Whenever I use an application on my computer, I use full screen mode. If I’m reading an article on the web, my browser takes up the whole screen. If I’m writing in Evernote, I’m working in full screen mode. If I’m editing a picture in Photoshop, it is the only thing I can see. I have set up my desktop so that the menu bar disappears automatically. When I am working, I can’t see the time, the icons of other applications, or any other distractions on the screen. It’s funny how big of a difference this makes for my focus and concentration.”

Quote of the Day

“A lifetime of social conditioning indicates that the path to safety is to do what we’re told, to follow orders, to keep our heads down. It feels safe.”
— Taylor Pearson