How To Get Lucky

How To Get Lucky

Everyday is your lucky day because luck is something you can take into your own hands!

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

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Lucky 13

Yo. It's the DJH 13. We're not skipping 13 like some hotel buildings because luck is something you can take into your own hands!

You can increase your luck surface area. Volunteer at events, reach out to people daily, or build an online presence.

Get your name out there!

It's like dating. To find your dream guy or gal, you'll want to leave the house. ; )

Work in your zone of control daily, and good stuff can happen.

P.S. Our Slack channel is a cool place to increase your luck surface. You can jam with other job seekers there.

How to Follow Up

One of the worst parts of the standard job hunt is waiting for a response.

So stop waiting! Follow up often, every 2-3 days until you hear a firm answer. Here are posts on how:

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