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Choose Your Lens

A few DJH readers have written in saying they like resumes.

They wish the world were like it used to be. No phones, no video, and less of competition to get an interview. These readers desire the simplicity of the old way.

We can understand that.

But a couple things…

1) Reality is reality. Jobs are more competitive. The digital world is here. Will you accept things, or yearn for another time that doesn’t exist?

2) Standing out and being creative is an opportunity. It’s a chance to become a more alive person, and to land a job that matches your inner interests, purpose, and passion. go for it!

Through which lens will you choose to view the world?

Reverse Engineer the Business

Brian Nuckols pitched our friends at Praxis a few years ago by:

1) researching their marketing infrastructure
2) creating a value proposition for how he could help

He got the job. Because, well, that’s how you get a job. See how he did it in this short article.

“My general plan was to over-research before I sent in anything. The goal was to figure out something concrete that I could do to add value to the business.
I did a total of 18 25-minute sessions deep diving into everything I could find online about the company. Here’s exactly what I was looking for and what I used to find it….

Quote of the Day

“Resumes are dead.”
― Richie Norton