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Creativity begets creativity

The more you create, the more you want to create.

For example, it can feel thrilling to write a blog post, and send it into the universe. You get addicted to that feeling.

So then, you’re stoked to shoot a video, design a logo, record a podcast, build a software tool, or write a sample email drip campaign for a company.

Your creative spark will help you stand out on the job hunt.

Go get addicted to the creative process!

Use Video to Follow up

You can use video in lots of ways. First, use the free Crash pitch builder to make your video pitch (and showcase projects).

But you want to follow up, too, until you get a response back. You could write your follow ups as normal in the email. But you can also use VIDEO to send a quick follow up!

BombBomb is sweet tool to help with this. Watch this 21 second video:

(No affiliation here, we just love the tool).

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