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Zig vs. Zag

Zig when others zag.

That’s how you win in a sea of sameness.

That means you have to identify the zag. What is everyone else doing the same? On the job hunt, it’s pretty simple. They’re all browsing jobs boards and sending resumes and copy/paste cover letters to companies they know almost nothing about.

Got it. Don’t zag. But how to zig? What to do instead?

We’ll hit that tomorrow.

Job Titles Don’t Matter

Stop chasing status and titles, start chasing work that makes you come alive.

Here’s a 2 minute post from LinkedIn on why Job Titles Don’t Matter.

“Focusing mainly on a job title distracts from what should be your real career goal: doing something you love, something in sync with your values, and something that makes you feel accomplished as an individual.”

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