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Be Yourself

It’s not all business.

A lot of people believe they’ve got to be stiff, boring, and “professional” when it comes to work and looking for jobs.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

We once had someone apply to work for our company by sending a slide show where he had photoshopped himself into pictures of our team he’d found on our website and social media.

He was awkwardly and hilariously inserted with a big smile and text that read, “See how well I fit with your team?”

We had dozens of applicants for that role, and to this day, now four years later, his is the only one everyone remembers.

Let a little mischief out and be yourself.

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The Coinbase Cold-Email

Back in 2013 a fresh college grad sent a cold-email to Coinbase. He attached a 90-page pdf and got an interview 5 minutes later.

“I literally cold emailed jobs@coinbase and said, ‘I love bitcoin. Here’s my thesis. I’ll do any job.'”

This stuff works, ladies and germs.

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