Recapping this week’s DJH

Mindsets for Success

Be the Anti-Procrastinator

Most people procrastinate. What if you did the opposite? Be the anti-procrastinator.

The anti-procrastinator doesn’t feel like doing something, so he immediately does it! The anti-procrastinator gets excited to do the hardest things.

Oh, and he gets results.

Will you create value today?

Let Go of Speeding

How often are you speeding throughout the day? A part of you might be hooked on going fast.

But if you want to create the most value for your career, give your unhurried, 100% attention to what you are experiencing in the moment.

Quote of the Week

“The things you fear
are undefeatable
not by their nature
but by your approach.”

— Jewel

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What is Healthy Discipline?

There’s a fine line between unhealthy and healthy discipline.

Unhealthy is the David Goggins’s and Jacko Willinks of the world, who — with their military training — embody a sense of consistent, unwavering work ethic to get things done, no matter what.

They override all parts of themselves that might have other needs. They lock those parts away and “suck it up.”

But they get results! They accomplish a lot!

Yes, and what is the cost?

The cost is wholeness and intrinsic motivation.

They remove self-empathy and self-compassion.

Is that how you want to live? Forever delaying gratification, just grinding, and rarely joyfully or playfully going about your day?

The opposite is not the answer though.

The opposite is only creating on the days you “feel like it,” waiting for inspiration to strike, and rarely moving outside your comfort zone.

People who take this approach might enjoy some present moments and leisure, but they do they feel the fulfillment and happiness of overcoming challenges, building long-term projects, and living with purpose and accomplishment?

Probably not.

So the answer? Avoid extremes, take the best of both worlds, and enter a new paradigm.

If you want to video pitch a company, say, part of you might not feel like doing that on a Tuesday at 10 AM.

Can you re-parent that part of you, and give yourself empathy for your feelings? Then do it anyway?

Can you be consistent AF – doing a blogging challenge for example – and create every single day, because you love yourself, and you care about your results?

The answer isn’t to be an authoritarian parent to yourself – nor is to be a permissive parent to yourself.

It’s to be a trusting, open, and communicative parent to yourself.

This is subtle stuff, but I invite you to entertain it.

It’ll be foundational in building a life and career of joy and aliveness.


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