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Self-Acceptance is Not Complacency

Many people beat themselves up to create results.

But maybe self-love and self-acceptance create even better results.

You can be ok with “what is” and also strive forward.

Brené Brown and Tim Ferriss chat it over in this 7 minute clip.

Pitch Composable Finance

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Make a ‘lil 30 second pitch video for the CMO role at Composable Finance, and link it in the job posting here.

1) Spend 15-30 minutes researching the company
2) Make the video – smile, tell ’em why you love them, and have fun! ; )
3) Maybe make a project (see yesterday’s DJH)
4) Email it and follow up every 2-3 days

There are also a dozen other roles you could go for, like Content Writer, People Operations Manager, and Product Designer.

Most people applying for this job will do it the old resume way….go stand out! You can use the Crash pitch builder to make it happen.

(Now click this 1 minute video to see them pitch you).

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Land a Job

We’ve all heard it: opportunity is at our fingertips with the world wide web.

How can you leverage Twitter to prove your value, build network, and connect to decision makers?

This article gives 5 ways. Check it out.

“Many companies and recruiters flash their latest high-priority openings on Twitter. Make a point of following recruiters who specialize in your industry and job type, as well as target companies where you would like to work.”

Quote of the Day

“You should be far more concerned with your current trajectory than with your current results.”
– James Clear