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Write bullet points vs. writing a script

We recommend writing a few bullet points for what you’ll say when you shoot your pitch video. Then, speak off the cuff.

If you want, you could script the whole thing and read it, but it will be less natural.

Either way, the point is not perfection, it’s completion. There’s no exact right way to do it. Just do it.

Make a pitch and you’ll jump to the top 1% of job seekers.

The Cure for a Boring Career

Guess what? You can have several careers at once! This is the portfolio career. Do projects in different areas, and express your full array of interests.

Jeff Goins breaks it down in this 4 minute article, The Cure for a Boring Career.

“A portfolio life was a life in which you did not have to pick one vocation, where what you did was not confined to or constrained by a solitary interest. With a portfolio life, you could treat your career like a series of investments of time and energy that, over the decades, accumulated in value.”

Quote of the Day

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”
― Leonardo da Vinci