Recapping this week’s DJH

Mindsets for Success

You’re Fallible

You’re a fallible human you makes errors and mistakes. Have the courage to ship and send projects, pitches, and other creative pursuits, even before they’re fully polished.

“Good enough is almost always good enough.” Ship it.

Choose Gratitude

No matter what’s happening in your life and career, it benefits you to choose gratitude. Even the smallest, everyday occurrences like sunshine, your sense of smell, or a few bucks in the bank account is worth consciously noting and feeling grateful for. From there, you can harness positive energy to build your future.

How to handle fear (on the job hunt)

Speaking of the lizard brain…I’ll lead a workshop to share the tools and mindsets needed to empower yourself and quiet your lizard brain, How to handle fear (on the job hunt), Thursday, Dec. 1 at 4pm CST.

This will also be a chance to be coached, ask questions, and connect with others.

Register for free.

Quote of the Week

“The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.”

― Wallace D. Wattles

Do you make less than $40K a year?

Inflation is tough and hitting people hard. Maybe people like you.

So maybe you’re ready to level up, change your career, and bring in more income, but investing in a tech bootcamp is hard to stomach in the short-term.

General Assembly gets that.

A leader in education and career launch for over 10 years, GA has helped transform tens of thousands of careers, and now are offering discounts to individuals who currently earn less than $40,000/year.

If you enroll in their full-time bootcamp between now and January 31, you could be eligible for a major discount on tuition.

Fill out this short form to schedule a call with an Admissions team member and verify your eligibility.

Pitch Small Companies With No Job Postings

One of my favorite posts on Career Hackers is How to Discover Companies on Crunchbase.

The posts guides you to do an advanced search to find companies that are exciting to you, and who are maybe looking to hire.

But that doesn’t mean that have a job posting listed.

Which is a good thing!

When you focus on fast-growing (especially small) companies that are interesting to you, you can pitch your way to a role.

It sounds weird because you might have an impulse that “it’s a waste of time” if they aren’t advertising a given position.

But you can let go of that impulse.

Small companies are often so focused on getting the business going that they would LOVE if a random person cold-pitched them!

Think about it, they didn’t have to make any effort to recruit or advertise their needs!

What if YOU researched the company, the possible pain points and gave them a value prop (say, with a video) too good to ignore?

Even if it’s not perfect, they’ll basically have no choice but to talk to you. Or maybe they’ll intro you to another company because they’re so impressed by your initiative. (The bar is low for this stuff, at least for now).

On Crunchbase you can organize by companies that recently raised funding, meaning they are likely open to hiring someone.

Then go create your own role! You have a better chance than you think.


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