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Be an adult

Hello, DJH reader,

You are an adult. Time to take joyous responsibility in making your job hunt happen.

Yes, joyous responsibility. Responsibility is not a chore you “have to” do. You GET to do it.

So what’s the very next step for you to build momentum?

Maybe it’s to book a 15 minute call with us. It’s free, for f*ck’s sake. Why would you not do this?

Let’s go.

Pitch a company when they’re “not hiring”

It’s easy to get stuck only applying to listed job postings.

But you may have a BETTER chance pitching fast-growing companies who have no job posting at all.

Why? Because there won’t be any competition! Plus, they’ll be SUPER impressed that you made a value proposition on your own accord.

The key is to choose companies that recently raised funding. Go on Crunchbase to find them. This article explains:

“Look for companies that have raised enough money that they can afford you, recently enough that they still have it….If you want to crash into an early-stage company, your sweet spot is between Pre-Seed and Series B rounds of funding.”

We love this article so much that it’s the 3rd or 4th time we’ve mentioned it in our 100 issues of the DJH. ; )

Quote of the Day

“And you gotta try. We have 1800 applicants a month for the positions at GoodUnited. Maybe two people try, a month. Maybe. Everyone else just submits a resume.”

—Nick Black, CEO Good United