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Free time for more freedom

It’s almost the weekend. Enjoy it! But we want a world where people feel alive every day, not just 2 out of 7.

If that’s not you yet, how could you move towards it?

Maybe you need to put in extra effort on Saturday to land an awesome job. Once you achieve that, you’ll never dread Monday’s again.

Invest your free time so later you’ll have more free time.

Pitch a Plan

When you pitch a company, go the extra mile with an action plan for what you’ll do the first 30 days on the job.

Examples of what to include in your plan:

CSR role: “I’ll create a weekly email to all existing clients to build engagement”
Sales role: “I’ll record a cold call practice session each morning and send to my AE for feedback.”
Dev. role: “I’ll audit your marketing tech – make sure events are firing everywhere they should.”
Marketing role: “I’ll audit analytics and build out A/B tests on for all pages on website.”
Any role: “I’ll do those annoying spreadsheet tasks you’re sick of doing”

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