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Hunting for a job is hard and, well, kinda sucks.

Screw that.

Let’s punch the job hunt in the face! (*ripping guitar riff plays in your head)

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The Job Hunt Isn’t a Numbers Game

What’s frustrating about the job hunt is finding job postings. You end up applying to as many as possible. Because it’s a numbers game, right?

Well, maybe it’s not. What if you dialed in on just a few companies? Be super picky. Then do some research, and send ‘em a custom application that stands out from the crowd.

So where to find cool companies? One spot is Crunchbase, where you can do a search of startups. This article shows how.

Quote of the Day

“If you need to conceal your true nature to get in the door, understand that you’ll probably have to conceal your true nature to keep that job.”

― Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?