Let’s say you work at a convenience store.

And it’s the only job you’ve ever had.

You may think, deep down, “I could never switch into tech. That’s insane. My ceiling is low, let’s be honest.”

But that’s nonsense!

You are powerful.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

Darious Serrano agrees.

“Everyone is gonna have their own path, their own way into [a] career change. The main thing is your decision to commit to it.”

Darious, who finished the Avocademy program to launch his career in UX/UI design, affirms that your mindset, your soft skills, and your hunger to learn is what is key to bust through and set a brand new trajectory.

As Maca Baiggoria  – founder of Avocademy – said to us in a podcast, one student was in her late 50’s and didn’t know how to use the copy-paste function on a computer. She went through the Avocademy intro course and before long was designing prototypes in Figma!

You can do, have, be, and become anything you want, dear reader! It all starts between the ears.Related: How to Start a Design Career in Tech (hint: no coding needed)

Scratching the Creative Itch

In Darious’ case, he had gone to college for urban studies, but just having a major didn’t mean he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

He was itching for something more creative.

“Growing up I was a very creative person, but I pushed that aside,” he said.

Prior to senior year, he took a fresh look at his situation, asking himself what he really wanted. He realized he was operating under a set of beliefs and assumptions, such as:

“Creative jobs don’t get you paid.””Creative jobs aren’t necessary.”

Darious started questioning those assumptions. And he started seeking out new career roles that could scratch his itch, that could also combine with his past experience.

He ultimately chose UX/UI Design, which would not only be creative but would leverage his urban studies background, both of which have a research component.

After playing around with some online courses on his own, he enrolled in Avocademy program because “I knew the value of having a mentor.”

That 1-1 mentorship is a key feature of Avocademy, where you get unlimited access to numerous mentors for up to 16 weeks, be it a Slack DM or a live call. You are also connected with supportive cohort members with whom to learn.

Immersing himself in this powerful community was what catalyzed a fresh new career direction for Darious.

He didn’t need to go at it alone.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”— Pablo Picasso

From Urban Studies to UX/UI Design

In his previous experience in the field of urban studies, Darious would do research, e.g. finding out why bike lane X is different than bike lane Y. He would do interviews and preparations so that later he could make suggestions to implement a plan.

Turns out this is similar to a career in tech, in UX/UI! Before designing a prototype, a designer needs to do research, surveys, focus groups, user interviews, etc. to best inform the interface of a web app, for example.

“You’re trying to understand from their perspective.”

Understanding how your previous experience transfers to a new career is key. All it takes is a minute to reflect on your previous skills and how they can transfer.

Again, you could just be working at a convenience store. In fact, multiple Avocademy students have come from this background and shifted into UX/UI, presenting to employers that they have successfully connected with customers’ pain points and provided solutions.

That’s business experience!

A convenient store job is not a job to be ashamed of, nor is any job.

So own your self-worth. No matter where you are in life, you can break into UX/UI.

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What You Gain from Avocademy

Take the first step toward your dreams, learn more about Avocademy, and secure your spot in an upcoming webinar on learning the secrets to becoming a UX Designer with no experience.

After diving into their short Foundations course, you’ll be ready for the Career Jumpstart program.

The program includes:

  • Design real client projects (2) & collaborate with other students
  • Continued portfolio feedback
  • Direct referrals to recruiters and hiring managers
  • Job guarantee
  • Interview prep

Learn more and see if UX/UI design is for you.