“Yes, you can learn to code.”
— Seth Godin

When the world suddenly shifted in 2020, people started asking themselves questions.

Do I like my work?
What’s my life’s purpose?
Am I happy?
What changes could I make?

With that saw an explosion in “The Great Resignation,” career changing, job jumping, and people enrolling in career bootcamps.

One of those is Coding Temple, where you can change your life and career in just 10 weeks!

If learning to code tickles your natural curiosity, invite yourself to follow it.

For curiosity is the seedling for a life that makes you come alive. 🙂

Learn more about Coding Temple. Use code CareerHackers for up to $500 off.

What Coding Temple Brings to the Table

Coding Temple can help you find your purpose, hone your skills, and launch a career with confidence. 🙂 Join one of Coding Temple’s bootcamps in Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and Blockchain.

Program highlights:

  • Learn Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and Blockchain
  • 100% Job guarantee; enroll today for $0
  • $77,500 average starting salary
  • Lifetime career support
  • Full-time, part-time, and self-paced options
  • Alumni are working in Fortune 100 companies, consulting firms, creating startups, or anything in between.

Apply now.

Use code CareerHackers for the following discounts on tuition:

Full-time: $500
Part-time: $250
Self-paced: $250

The Dopamine Hit You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Tune in to our podcast with CT instructor Joel Carter about what it means to work in software engineering, and what the experience in Coding Temple is like!

And here’s the article we wrote too, The Dopamine Hit You Didn’t Know You Wanted, where we spotlight the thrill and excitement of solving problems as a coder.

Take the Leap (like Marlisa did)

Marlisa was about to start a career in teaching, but her gut told her to make a pivot.

She followed her gut, and is now very happy she did!

Will you follow YOUR gut?

Read her story.

“My parents were confused when I told them I was going to do something completely different….what ended up convincing me to just do it was hearing other people’s stories doing coding bootcamps, and seeing how much happier they were.”

— Marlisa, 2022 grad

You Can Be a True Beginner

It can seem daunting “learn to code” because it seems like a complex skill. You might think “that’s too hard for me.”

But it’s NOT too hard.

All you need to do is to trust the process of showing up each day and learning, one step at a time.

This is how humans are wired. You can learn ANYTHING you choose.

Plus, the incredible instructors will guide you along the way. It may not challenging, but it certainly will be worth it.

“As a true beginner coming from a completely different background, I am so glad I went with Coding Temple. They have unbelievable support here for their students and also for their graduates. The staff are amazing, the instructors are down to earth, relatable, endlessly patient, and knowledgable, the post grad support is unlike anything I’ve ever expected, just above and beyond. My only regret is not joining sooner!”
— Tatiana, 2022 grad

Learn more about Coding Temple. Use code CareerHackers for up to $500 off.