Corné Van Straten very generously wrote an article for us where he talks about the amazing way to build the future: by being part of Toggl. Read his writing here:

One of the coolest things about working at a startup is that you’re helping build the future. Startups are quite literally betting on what the future will look like—by creating an innovative product and staking their time and resources on it.

This is definitely true for Toggl. Toggl is a time tracker tool that helps freelancers and remote workers track how much time they spend working on projects.

But beyond being a cool tool, here are a few reasons why Toggl would be an awesome place to start your career.

Toggl is building the future

From its founding back in 2006, Toggl bet on the future being more remote and more freelance.

Now, 14 years later, it looks like they bet on the right horse.

The number of people working from home increased by 159% between 2005 and 2017. It’s projected that by 2025, more than 70% of workers will be working remotely at least five days a month.

Freelancing is also becoming a new normal. Throughout 2019, no less than 57 million Americans freelanced, representing 35% of the U.S. workforce. And younger generations are more likely to freelance, with millennials and Gen Zers at 40% and 53% respectively.

The future is more remote, and it’s more freelance (or at least flexible).

Working at Toggl would be living the remote-work dream

In full accordance with its mission, Toggl will let you work from anywhere in the world. They’re 100% remote. They hire globally, and you work locally.

As a result, the company’s 80+ employees are spread across 19 different time zones. With different nationalities come different perspectives—which is not only interesting and valuable to learn from, but it’s also a testament to Toggl’s generally open culture.

Many past and current employees love Toggl’s flat organization structure (where there is a lot of room for employee input and agency in the work you get to do).

“The team is very transparent and supportive. The work is exciting. There are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. I can’t imagine a better work environment, and am very happy!”
Toggl employee (Glassdoor)

“The team is fantastic! Best job I’ve ever had!”
Toggl employee (Glassdoor)

“Engaged, vibrant remote work community, treats employees as grownups.”
Toggl employee (Glassdoor)

Toggl’s got a sense of humor, too

You can see in the marketing copy that’s all over their website and in the hilarious comics they put out on a regular basis.

And a sense of humor is a great indicator of awesome company culture.

Go win it!

So you’re convinced that Toggl would be a great place to start your career? Awesome!

Head on over to Toggl’s jobs page and see if there’s a job you would be a great fit for.

Toggl doesn’t believe in the signaling power of resumes and credentials (neither do we!), which is why they use a special hiring process. It includes an internally developed skills testing tool and video interviews, allowing you to show your personality—not just credentials.

Here are five quick tips on video interviews that will help you show your best you.

You’ve got this!