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Today is the official start of the Website week, where we challenge you to start your website in 7 days!

A website is a powerful tool that is rather, under-utilized. You can create your personal brand, spread out your word, create your portfolio, and literally be your own credential using a website!

Here are top 10 benifits of having a website from Parachute.net :

  • Online Presence 24/7
    Having a website means poeple are always able to find you – anytime, anywhere. Putside business hours, outside the borders of your country – you name it.
  • Information Exchange
    At its simplest, a website provides a quick and easy way of communicating information between two people. You can use the power of websites to communicate to your viewers the message you want them to notice. Want your future hiring manager to know about your projects? Or your customer to know about the best services you provide? It’s in your hands what you present to your website visitor.
  • Credibility
    If you’re a business, not having a website is going to send your customers over to your competitors because of lack of credibility. But if you’re an individual, this is an untapped area of huge potential. You can be your own credential, prove your value, your skills and expertise. And pretty much replace your degree just with your website.
  • It Cuts Costs
    As well as simply displaying information, you can also use your website to sell goods & services directly to consumers, eliminating a bunch of different operating cost of a business (staff wages, rental, utilities, etc.)
  • Market Expansion
    As your site is accessible to anyone all over the world, the ability to break through geographical barriers has never been easier. Anyone, from any country, will be able to find you and as such, is now a potential customer/network.
  • Visitor Insights
    Analytic tools allow you to identify who your typical visitor is, how they found you, what they like, etc. You can use this precious information to adapt your strategies and make the most of your visitors’ attention towards you!
  • Advertising
    Tools like Google AdWords or advertising on Facebook give you the power to reach customers with much more accuracy and reliability than with traditional offline advertising methods. SEO and online advertising are a great way to help build up awareness, if it’s done correctly traffic to your website can see an increase.
  • Competitors Online
    If you don’t have a website it is highly likely that your competitor will do, this means that you are missing out as your competitor is now going to be the forefront of your target audience’s mind.
  • Customer Service Online
    Websites provide an easier way to handle customer service. Offering answers to regularly asked questions in a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, you can reduce time and money, as well as provide meaningful information.
  • Growth Opportunity
    Websites, in general, are great ways to show what you are about, what you has achieved and what you can achieve in the future.

A powerful excerpt from the blog:

“having a good quality, easy-to-use website makes customers feel comfortable using your services, as they will assume they can expect the same positive experience in all areas of your business.”

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