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We often find ourselves juggling with multiple tasks, not feeling like making any progress on anything.

In our fast-paced world, multitasking has become a way of life. However, research shows that multitasking can actually reduce productivity and increase stress.

So, here the magic of doing one thing at a time, based on Tony Schwartz’s article on HBR.


Why Focusing on One Thing Matters

Multitasking can reduce productivity by up to 40%.

When we try to do too many things at once, we end up splitting our focus and attention, which can lead to mistakes, oversights, and a decrease in overall productivity.

Focusing on one thing at a time, on the other hand, enables us to give our full attention and energy to the task at hand. This not only increases productivity but also boosts creativity and improves our overall well-being.


How to Do One Thing at a Time

The first step to doing one thing at a time is to prioritize your tasks and focus on the most important ones.

Identify the task that will most impact your goals and start there. Next, eliminate distractions such as email, social media, or other non-urgent tasks that can pull your attention away from your priority task.

Instead, schedule specific times for checking email and other non-urgent tasks. Finally, take regular breaks to recharge and refocus. This can include short walks, meditation, or simply taking a few deep breaths.


The Benefits of Doing One Thing at a Time

Doing one thing at a time can significantly increase productivity and creativity. By giving our full attention and energy to a task, we can produce higher-quality work in less time.

Additionally, doing one thing at a time reduces stress and improves overall well-being. When we’re not constantly switching between tasks, our brains have time to rest and recharge, which can lead to improved mental clarity and reduced stress levels.

By doing one thing at a time, we can also achieve our goals more effectively and improve the overall quality of our work.


A Powerful Excerpt from the blog:

“Doing one thing at a time allows us to be fully present and engaged in what we’re doing. It enables us to do our best work and achieve our goals more effectively. So, instead of trying to do it all, focus on doing one thing at a time and watch the magic happen.”

A Career Hackers’ Classic, read the full post here on Harvard Business Review.

Tony Schwartz is a bestselling author, journalist, and thought leader in productivity and well-being. With his book “The Power of Full Engagement” and his insightful articles, he has become a trusted authority on how to achieve peak performance and improve overall well-being. His work has helped countless individuals and organizations around the world achieve success and fulfilment.