A Career Hacker’s Classic, read the full post here on Tom Bilyeu’s Medium.

Here at Career Hackers, we’re big on “Don’t do stuff you hate”. And that’s what Tom Bilyeu lays his philosophy on.

Start with knowing and building your skillset, being a skilled person at what you do, then researching the right fit for you, laying out a solid plan, and nailing down the interview!


Here are some key takeaways:

  • You spend around 50% of your waking hours at work, so you better do something that excites you, and not make you hate your life.
  • Know yourself; if you lack skills, put together a plan of getting better at what you do, and make sure this plan is time-bound.
  • Know more than anyone else. Convince your future employer that you are the right person for the job, and make them feel with every fibre of their being that if given the chance you will surpass all expectations for the role.
  • Have a deep understanding not just of the role you’d be filling, but of the company and the person you’re interviewing with.
  • Be thoughtful about what you’d do with the role. Demonstrate a deep understanding of the company, what its value system is, and what it’s trying to accomplish. Do your research properly.
  • Show up for your interview with a specific plan for how you are going to contribute to the company. This could be a specific 30, 60, or 90-day plan.
  • Understand people. After all, we all are humans and we long to be understood. Do your research and blow them away with how much you know about them? Empathize with them and make them feel understood.
  • Interview the company as well. Don’t just walk in trying to win the job, but assess the opportunity. A good employer can have a great positive impact on your life. So choose wisely.
  • Most people that are applying along with you are just winging it. Immediately separate yourself from the crowd, and that too, by a large margin!


A powerful excerpt from the blog:

“The person who will ultimately get the job is the person who has been most thoughtful about what they would do with the role. They’ll demonstrate a deep understanding of the company, what it’s value system is, and what it’s trying to accomplish. If you walk in the door with a compelling and highly specific and tailored plan, you will immediately have their full attention.”

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Tom Bilyeu is the Co-Founder/CEO of Impact Theory and Co-Founder Quest Nutrition (#2 Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies 2014) / Host of Impact theory