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Job Seekers are often left unmotivated and less optimistic through the lengthy interview processes.

If you are looking for a new career or a change in your career, you’ll have to stand out in the competition. And, with a number of time-tested action points kept in mind, getting hired can get un-complicated and efficient.

Derek Sivers ran two companies and two bands for 15 years and has employed about 100 people.

So from an employer’s point of view,

Here’s the best advice on how to get hired:

Focus on a single company
Ask yourself deep, soul-searching questions to understand what you want to do and what are your interests. Take your time to really dive deeply into this.

The next step would be to search for a company that you feel is doing it the best. No issues if they are not hiring.

Learn all about them
Do some heavy research work and learn everything about that company. Read every article, and every page of their website, Become a customer. Study and memorize this info.

Communicate how badly you want to work for them
Find their contacts, the hiring manager, and different people in the company, especially the executives, not just human resources. Tell them how passionate you are to work with them and what value you are bringing to the table for them.

Vary your message. Sometimes ask for advice. Sometimes give advice but show your passion.

Do this every week. Polite manners don’t prove passion.

Eventually, they will be hiring. Especially when faced with the alternative of opening up the floodgates to help-wanted ads, they’ll much rather go with this person who has persistently proven their passion.

And if you got time and want to take this a step further, try this for a few companies at once. And you would get hired by the end of it.

A powerful sentence from the blog:

“Polite manners don’t prove passion”

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Derek Sivers is an author, creator, entrepreneur, and three times TEDx speaker.