A Career Hackers’ Classic, read the full post here.

Are you looking to land a job with a small company? While it may seem like a daunting task, there are several strategies you can use to make yourself stand out.

Also, the strategies that work for HR Departments of large organizations won’t work for small companies. You have to differentiate yourself from others and make a meaningful connection with the company you’re interested in.

So, here are some hacks for getting a job at a small company:

  • Learn to sell.
    Learning to sell is one of the most crucial skills you can gain for the advancement of your career. A lot of people have decided that they don’t want to sell, can’t sell, or won’t sell, but those same people need to understand that they’re probably not going to get a job doing anything but selling.
  • Small businesses always need people who can sell, because selling pays for itself. It’s not an expense, it’s a profit center.
  • Learn to write. There’s more writing in business today than ever before, and if you can become a persuasive copywriter, you’re basically a superpower!
  • Learn to produce extraordinary video and multimedia. This is just like writing, but for people who don’t like to read. In today’s world, this is as relevant as ever!

Now that you’ve mastered these skills, understand the next thing about small businesses – they aren’t hiring to fill a slot. Unlike a big company, a small company isn’t a complex system. The owner is far more likely to bring in a freelancer or someone working on spec than she is to go run a dedicated help-wanted ad.

Many small businesses don’t have a dedicated system for hiring. And that’s your opportunity.

When you show up and offer some tangible value –many small business people will take you up on it, particularly if they are cash-strapped, profit-oriented and know you by reputation. (On the same note, here’s how to build your reputation)

The rest is easy. Once you demonstrate that you contribute far more than you cost, now it’s merely a matter of figuring out a payment schedule.

A Powerful Excerpt from the blog:

“Remember that you are not applying for a job, you are asking for a job. You are seeking to make a connection with a company that needs someone like you. It’s not about being the most qualified candidate on paper. It’s about showing the company that you understand their needs and are excited about the opportunity to work with them.”

A Career Hackers’ Classic, read the full post here

Seth Godin, a legendary marketer, is the author of 20 bestselling books on marketing, leadership, and change. He is also the founder of altMBA, an online leadership and management workshop, and the Akimbo podcast network.