Tired of having to settle for what’s offered? Having no clear direction on where to aim? That sounds like what most of the job seekers with no clear guidance go through.

But having a resource you can access when navigating your way through your career can change the game.

And it can be the biggest solace in your career-related hardships. Making the right choices and informed decisions during the early years of your career, or even during changing careers, can give you a headstart that will help you avoid struggle and confusion in your professional life.

Career coaches work closely with you at every level to help you land the job you desire.

Believe it or not, they are experts when it comes to skyrocketing your career. Everyone benefits from career guidance. Not just these experts prepare you for the job hunt but also guide you to identify opportunities that match your interests, negotiate your compensation and keep you up to date with the latest trends.

So, rather than trying to reform at a later stage, better do it now.

Here are 5 reasons to start career coaching that will make your coach worth many times the investment-

1. Well-thought career planning

Having a career pro is an invaluable resource when it comes to planning your career trajectory. They got a plan and expertise. If you have some career objectives, you will value the guidance of a career coach to achieve them.

A career coach will help you look beyond the next job, brainstorm your long and short-term goals, and guide you to the right answers.

What is your next step? What job can you do to prepare for your next step? What your professional life will look like in 5 years?  

A good career coach facilitates you to create the roadmap to your career and helps you get there.

2. Personal Guidance

Being worried about your career choices is normal when seeking a job or planning for your career. This gets more amplified if you are planning to pursue an unconventional field.

This is where coaching comes into play to get clarity. A career coach will first learn all about you, your background interest, strengths, herald, skills, thoughts, and most importantly, goals.

Then they provide personalized career guidance by building communion with you. You can count on them for everything from courses to pursue, to the process of getting a great job, to achieving your financial goals.

3. Establishing goals

One of the most vital reasons to get a career coach is to establish professional goals. They direct you to a goal while properly assessing your interests and direction.

It gets difficult all alone to align your professional goals with your other interests, but your coach makes it easy. They help you to get in the driver’s seat and can guide you to figure out how to achieve your goals.

4. Interview Preparation

Many people get nervous during interviews, fail to communicate their value, and lack skills.

But another one and a big benefit of having a coach is that they prepare you to crush your interviews.

They have a proper knowledge of the various interviewing tactics and can help you anticipate the questions interviewers are likely to ask.  

Nothing is better than nailing a question you have already prepared for!

With a lot of interview preparation and honest feedback, coaches are your confidence booster. This sets you apart and gives you an edge over your competition!

5. Keeping you accountable

Even when you have defined your goals, and have tasks on your to-do list, sometimes, you are just getting nowhere because “you don’t feel like working”.

Not with a career coach.

Not just they help you with setting goals, but also keep you accountable for completing them.

If you have a session scheduled with your coach in a week, you are highly likely to complete your tasks before the meeting. Accountability beats procrastination “not feeling like it”. This will keep your career streamlined, and consistent and your job search on track.

Career coaching can be started at any stage of your professional life. It can be a life-changing decision for your career.

You would not just be able to see where you go wrong but also get constructive criticism to improve. And just like that, you can get the job of your dreams!

Start by taking a look at the Top Coaches page on Career Hackers!