Everyone is a little weird. All the people who work here are a little weird. So when we’re hiring and interviewing, we want to know what people are really like. We already know you’re weird, so we want to see your weird!
~ Hiring Manager talking about wanting “real” video instead of “fake” resumes.

Companies are nothing more than a collection of people working toward a common goal. People aren’t pieces of paper. People have personality. And they want to know if your personality gels with theirs before they hire you.

So why hide it behind bullet points about education and work history?

Show it!

Be better than a resume: send a pitch

Sending video pitches – even imperfect ones – allows hiring managers and would-be teammates to see your personality and get to know you in a compelling, human way. This is so much more interesting and valuable than looking at your resume and trying to piece together a story and imagine what kind of person you might be.

A video pitch connects the dots for them. You get to share in narrative form how your abilities, interests, and experiences form a cohesive story arc that leads to their company. Humans think in stories, so why force them to make one up from the fragments and hope it’s correct?

Tell your story in your own voice. It’s way better than a resume. You’ll win better jobs faster and have more fun doing it.

How to Make a Great Video Pitch (and get an interview)
Get an interview by skipping the resume and sending a video pitch. These 3 simple tips will help you make it all happen. You got this!