Improves Your Writing Skills

Writing is a superskill that most of us wish we were better at. In the book, The Last Safe Investment, the authors say improving your writing is one of the best investments you can make in yourself. By blogging regularly you’ll improve your writing and be able to express your ideas better to others.

Improves Your Thinking Skills

By forcing yourself to blog, you force yourself to connect disparate ideas. As you are writing about one topic, you’ll be reminded about another related topic you wrote about and link to it. You’ll be able to see how your ideas are connected.

You can even get feedback on your thinking through comments on your blog.

Creative Expression

Blogging can simply be a way to creatively express yourself. You could write book reviews, a short story, a poem, or show your artwork. Sometimes it feels good to just get your ideas out there by publishing them.

Meet New People

Blogging is a fun way to meet new people. I’ve met people living in other parts of the world through my blog! There may not be many people in your area who are interested in the same topics you are, but I bet there’s someone out there online who is. Through my blog, I’ve met people online who enjoy discussing similar types of books and ideas as I do.

Document Your Learning

When you share what you are learning you provide value to others. It might be a simple book review, or it could be an in-depth screen share. Whatever you are learning, blogging is a great way to document your progress and share it with others.

On my blog, I often write book reviews and my thoughts about books I’ve read. This lets me go back and see what I was thinking about a book when I read it. Sometimes I even go back to see the main takeaways I got from the books I’ve read.

Get Started!

What are you waiting for? Find someplace you can start blogging for free like or and get going now!

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