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DJH: companies are hungry for you 💪

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

Recapping this week's DJH

Mindsets for Success

Wild Success, Next Step

What does wild success look like? Give yourself permission to vividly see and imagine a flourishing future. Then, take the next step to get there. Dream. Do. Repeat.

Bad Days Happen

Have you had a "bad day" recently?

It happens....forgive yourself, let it go, and love the messiness that is being human.

Quote of the Week

“Create something today even if it sucks.”

— Unknown

Sprint into a Tech Career (at a small cost)

You could be making bagels for a living right now....but you still are qualified to break into tech!

"You Belong in Tech" is actually a motto at the Sprint program by Co.Lab, an incredible course and community to help you start a path in Product Management. They cater to people of ALL backgrounds.

All that matters is your willingness to invest 2-5 hours a week learning by doing. You'll be supported along the way.

And it's only $500. That's what, 0.1% the cost of a college degree?

Forget imposter syndrome! You're good enough for tech, right now, seriously.

Apply now.

The next cohort starts February 20. Use code CAREERHACKERS for an extra $50 off.

Companies Are Hungry for Your Mindset

Trust me, since you're reading this, you're in a small minority.

Most of the world hasn't caught on to the new paradigm, that of creating value without permission.

But you, you've read the Career Hackers Manifesto, right?. ; )

You've been exposed to an empowered way of going after what you want in your life and career.

The question is, are you following through? Or are you hesitating? Are you doubting whether you're ready?

Here's the thing....start before you're ready.

And trust that companies will be overjoyed when you step into your zone of power.

Companies are hungry for an employee like you....they are craving a person who will show up as an intra-preneur, who solves problems without being asked.

So would you step up to the plate, and take your swing?

and the DJH team

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Daily Job Hunt

Joel Bein

Joel Bein is CEO at Career Hackers and passionate about personal growth and self-driven learning. As a classically trained musician, he is Founder of the New Orleans Chamber Players.