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DJH 482: babies don't take baby steps 👶

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

Babies Don't Take Baby Steps

When a baby is learning to walk, she takes huge steps.

She fails and falls, fails and falls.

And each time she gets back up.

She is not tentative. And there is no concept of "giving up. "

The baby doesn't think "it's fine, I'll just crawl the rest of my life."

No, each day she attempts to walk and each day, she gets a little closer.

Until one day she is a master of walking.

The question becomes, why as adults, do we lose this mindset?

Well, one reason is that school conditions us to avoid failure.

But you can unlearn that mindset, and rekindle the one you were born with.

What progress will you make today? What strides will you take?

A Career in Tech is Closer Than You Think

You might think “I’m not qualified” to start a career in tech, (e.g. Product Management).

“It’s out of my league,” you might say.

It makes sense if you feel that way. If your current career is working at Target, for example, a remote job helping build web apps at an innovative startup….well that might seem distant to you! But it’s not as distant as you think. The soft skills you’ve built can transfer!

And that’s where Co.Lab comes in. Even with absolutely zero experience, Co.Lab’s 4-week Sprint program gives you the chance to work on real-world projects.

You’ll get to lead a cross-functional team in building and shipping an MVP (minimum viable product) for actual customers. Plus you'll surround yourself with a powerful community of peers and top tech leaders so you can kickstart your career in Product Management.

By committing just 2-5 hours a week for 4 weeks, you can build that portfolio that will blow hiring managers’ socks off.

And at only $500, it’s a low-cost investment, with a high ROI for your career. It pays for itself with all the skills you’ll gain in return.

Use code CAREERHACKERS for an extra $50 off.

Apply now.

Don’t Wait for Permission. Don’t Send a Resume.

Companies are craving someone who doesn't just wait for assignments from authorities.

Don’t Wait for Permission. Don’t Send a Resume.

"Companies aren’t special humans who grant you the right to work 'under' them. They are people like you!"

How To Shoot a Video Pitch (and Skip the Resume)

This Thursday, join our friend David Andriate at our Supercharge Your Career live virtual event!

This dude knows how to catch a hiring manager's attention. He'll share how to shoot a video pitch and how to avoid the resume altogether. :)

Register for free now!

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Joel Bein

Joel Bein is CEO at Career Hackers and passionate about personal growth and self-driven learning. As a classically trained musician, he is Founder of the New Orleans Chamber Players.