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DJH 474: will you drown in milk? 🧈

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

Keep Treading

There's a story where two frogs fall into a jar of milk.

They try to swim to get out, but they're too far from the top. They're stuck "treading milk."

They "tread milk" for a while until Frog #1 says, "that's it, this is pointless," and he gives up and sinks to the bottom, to his demise.

But Frog #2 keeps treading.

And treading.
And treading.

He trusts the process.

Then, the milk starts to turn into a chunk of butter.....

He pushes off from the chunk, and leaps from the jar to safety!

What did Frog #2 know that Frog #1 didn't?

The power of the compound effect.

He kept treading, and though he didn't see results at first. Eventually, nature's law of compounding growth kicked in.

Will you grow by 1% each day? Will you trust the results will come, if you just keep treading?

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Joel Bein

Joel Bein is CEO at Career Hackers and passionate about personal growth and self-driven learning. As a classically trained musician, he is Founder of the New Orleans Chamber Players.