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DJH 464: show don't tell 💡

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

Tech Stack to Stand Out

A great way to stand out on the job hunt is to show your tech stack. For example, if you want a customer support role at a startup, you might want to learn Zendesk or Intercom.

You can learn the basics of a tool by watching a Youtube video about it, then show what you learn by writing a blog post (with screenshots or screencast of what you learned!).

Then send that to the company (forget the resume). Show, don't tell!

G2 Stack to Learn a Company's Tech Stack

G2 Stack is a great place to learn which specific tech tools a certain company uses! Check it out.

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Quote of the Day

“There are no quick fixes. But, by taking action just a little bit every day, you will build up a powerful reservoir of confidence, self-esteem, and discipline.”
— Scott Allan

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Joel Bein

Joel Bein is Chief of Content and Coaching at Career Hackers and passionate about personal growth and self-driven learning. As a trained musician, he is Founder of the New Orleans Chamber Players.