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This habit shift could change it all

Make this tweak, and get massive results.

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

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The Daily Job Hunt by Career Hackers

Habit Shift

What's your morning routine?

Can you make a 1% tweak?

Maybe start that project, by putting 5 minutes a morning into it.

Over days, weeks, and months, that 5 minute shift could transform your life.

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Tell Stories

What's your story?

What obstacles have you overcome?

Share this loud and proud.

Not only is storytelling key to the human experience, but people want to work with people who know how to persist and persevere.

Be memorable and prove it.

See more in Tell Me Your Story Not Your Status via Isaac Morehouse, (as well as this podcast with Joel and John Kratz).

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Quote of the Day

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

— George Bernard Shaw

Daily Job Hunt

Joel Bein

Joel Bein is Chief of Content and Coaching at Career Hackers and passionate about personal growth and self-driven learning. As a trained musician, he is Founder of the New Orleans Chamber Players.