Look Ma', No College

Hack your career in ways that are relevant today, and not based on decades-old institutions.

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

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Learn Software

Career Hack:

1) Watch a 30 minute Youtube video giving tutorial on a tech tool (see our career guides for tech tools to learn)
2) Create free-trial account and spend 30 minutes playing with the tool
3) Create 3 minute screencast showing what you learn

Add to your portfolio on your website, LinkedIn, Notion, and/or in a pitch to a company.

(See more in this post, How to Learn Software Quickly).

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Look Ma', No College

We know thousands of people who've launched a solid career without college.

You can do the same, no matter your age or stage! You always can empower yourself to chart your course.

Get inspo from this post, You Don't Need To Go Into Debt to Do What You Love.

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