How to break into tech jobs

Connect to awesome jobs at early-stage startups.

Joel Bein
Joel Bein

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It's Start a Website Week!

You don't need an All-Star website, just an MVP one.

And by MVP I mean Minimum Viable Product, just a first version that will pass as "good enough." Then you can keep improving it from there.

Start now.

(Shia will help you get stoked in his 1 minute Just Do It clip. Click him now.)

Y Combinator Jobs

Y Combinator connects you to awesome jobs at early-stage startups. You can even meet and message with founders directly on platform.

If you want to break into startups, go here to find jobs.

(Want help learning about startup careers? Check out our guide on Career Hackers).

Career Hackers Classic: How to Get the Job of Your Dreams

Forget blasting out tons of resumes and hoping something sticks. What if you focused all of your energy on landing just ONE job, your dream job? In this CH Classic, Tom Bilyeu shows you how.

Quote of the Day

"The person who will ultimately get the job is the person who has been most thoughtful about what they would do with the role. If you walk in the door with a compelling and highly specific and tailored plan, you will immediately have their full attention."
― Tom Bilyeu

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