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Many, in pursuit of work-life balance, avoid all thoughts related to work when they’re not working.

People say, “I don’t want to talk or think about work when I’m not at the job.”

But this is usually a behavior found in people who are burnt out, who hate their jobs and spend their Mon-Fri waiting for the weekends.

Free time is great but the whole purpose of freedom is being destroyed by people who are spending their free time worrying about work, complaining about work, resenting work, or getting anxious about the next time they have to go to work.

TK mentions David Allen’s quote “Your best ideas about work are most likely to come when you’re not at work.” And further explains that when that happens, when the best ideas come to you, you won’t be available to receive them because you’ll be too busy avoiding work-related thoughts.

So don’t avoid these work-related ideas and thoughts.

And if you’re at a job you hate, instead of running away from it, run towards it. Work on it. Build it. Make it something you are excited about. Make it an opportunity to gradually create an everyday lifestyle that you can celebrate or at least tolerate.

A powerful excerpt from the blog:

Instead of using your weekends to escape your weekdays, use your free time to develop habits and skills that will provide you with greater mastery, freedom, and enjoyment throughout the week.

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